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Iowa Farm Appraisal Services

Sparks Appraisals provides our clients with Iowa farm appraisals and agricultural property valuation services in Iowa.


Whether your piece of Iowa is utilized for agriculture production or is recreational in nature, Sparks Appraisals has the experience to appraise your farm or ranch property. We not only have the qualifications and extensive experience appraising agricultural property, but members of our team are also actively involved in farming, ranching, and hunting. This combination of professional and personal knowledge allows us to more accurately provide farm, ranch, and rural Iowa real estate appraisals for our clients.


With the ever changing landscape and continued growth of Iowa farm land, the line between urban, suburban and rural property is continuously evolving. This change is also reflected in the per acre value of your farm or ranch. Whether you are selling, purchasing, refinancing, or going through estate planning, let Sparks Appraisals' hands-on experience and knowledge of agricultural and recreational land use and commercial real estate appraisal in Iowa assist you in the process of determining your Iowa ranch or farm property’s value.




Iowa Farm and Ranch Property Valuation


Sparks Appraisals is located in Waukee, Iowa, providing services for commercial, agricultural, and residential property appraisals in Iowa to residents throughout the state for over 20 years.




Iowa Farm and Ranch Appraisals for Estate Planning


Sparks Appraisals also offers farm and ranch appraisals for estate planning.  Whether you are placing real estate into a trust for your family, planning your personal estate, or settling a loved one’s estate, our farm and ranch appraisals will help you assess the fair market value of your property for your estate planning needs.

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We serve the entire state of Iowa and are centrally located in West Des Moines, Iowa.

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