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Our goal is to tell THE STORY OF YOU! 


I promise you won’t be standing in front of a boring school backdrop and no one’s going to ask you to ‘go over there and hug that tree’.


In the world of digital imagery, devoted to "selfies", and the Instagram generation, it is important for me to create timeless photos to mark this life change with images of who you are and what is significant to you.


We’ll work together to create photos that express your true personality and lifestyle!


Maybe you’re conservative or maybe you’re bold and crazy. Maybe you love sports or maybe you’re into the violin. Whatever it is, I want to create images that will never be mistaken for a yearbook photo!


Photos you’ll share with your own teenagers twenty-five years from now and say, ‘look how cool I was’…


​Thisday Photography Isn’t For Everyone.


It’s for people that want their senior’s personality captured at a milestone time in their life in a timeless portrait that can be hung on the wall until THEIR children can see it some day.  


It’s for seniors that want photos to look like them. 

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